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These are true Texas hunts on real working cattle ranches. We are lucky to have hard working ranch-hands, some of whom have lived on the property for over 30 years. They know the land far better than the owners. They are experienced hunters and outdoorsmen who know how to shoot, track, and identify game. Theyll put you into areas that they know to be high traffic zones for the kind of game youre looking for. They do whatever they can to give you the best chance at taking a shot at the kind of quality game you are looking for. Speaking of game, we have an abundance of high quality deer, turkey and hogs.

The record breaking drought of 2010-2011 continues. Much of Texas is bone dry, with scarcely any moisture to be found in the top layers of soil after a year with less than a couple of inches of measurable rain. Grass is so dry it crunches underfoot in many places. Still, The Berry Ranch is doing much better than most. Being close to the Frio and Leona River bottoms, we still have grazing for cattle and wildlife. Supplemental feed has been a great expense but is not an option when mother nature throws you curves like this. You would think the deer would be suffering.

2010 will go down as a great year at The Berry Ranch. We had been watching this truely magnificent 7 1/2 year old heavy droptine buck for the previous 4 years. With 22 scorable points, 5 droptines, and over 41 inches of mass, he's got everything! After a year of good rain, excellent range conditions, and the RHR protein feed from Dilley Feed & Grain, this buck scored 217 5/8. Biggest buck ever harvested at The Berry Ranch.

217 4/8 Boone & Crockett!!!
Left to Right: Guide-Adam Hay, Owner-Kevin Berry, and Ranch Manager-Kenneth Dudley.

This video is the same buck in years 2007 & 2008.

Ashley Moorman & Josh Carroll

Ashley Moorman and Josh Carroll, got lucky in early January 2010. Ashley's buck scored 138 and Josh's wide buck scored 155.

Jack Brink was one our very first guests. He took this trophy in our open range. You can see some of Jack's trophys in our lodge.

Jack has been a great friend of the ranch.

Oswaldo Ramirez
Josh Carroll & Hunter Royal

Josh Carroll, Host of Evolved Habitats Outdoor Additction television show, took his buck with bow and arrow, while Hunter Royal, goes old school with a lever action .30-30 to get this super wide 8 point.

"Harder than a scope rifle, but easier than a bow."

Look for them on The Sportsman's Channel @ Sunday: 4:30pm CST, Thursday: 7:30am CST, Wednesday: 10:00pm CST, and Tuesday: 12:30am CST

Oswaldo Ramirez took this 159 4/8 B&C Buck with an MLD permit.

Check out the browe tine length!

Oswaldo Ramirez
James Ott

James Ott took this heavy buck that had 42 6/8 inches of mass and 15 points. The buck had a gross score of 171 2/8

Kyle MacDonnell's 13 point buck had an inside spread of 17 1/8 with a gross Boone & Crockett Score of 165 6/8
Kyle MacDonnell
Rick Martinez

Rick Martinez and his trophy cull buck taken with Oswaldo's bow.

Curt Joslin took this nice 10 Pt cull buck early in the 2006-2007 year. The buck scored 164 7/8.

Curt Joslin with 10 point

James Webb B & C Score 170

2003-04 was the first year we opened up the high fence area and what a great year.

Here is James Webb and his 170 B&C.

The expectations for 2004-2005 were high and on December 29, 2004, Larry Tyler took "Drop Tine" a deer we've been watching for 4 1/2 years. He scored 186 1/8 gross B & C score with 37 inches of mass! Check out those brow tines. He was aged at 8 1/2 years . That's how you grow them big.

    Congratulations Larry!

Larry Tyler w/ B&C 186 1/2

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