Current Conditions for Dilley, TX

Current Conditions for Bandera, TX

If you can't shoot a hog at this ranch . . .
sell your weapon and take up golf!

Our hog area is ideally set up for any style of hunter, whether by rfile, pistol, or bow. Tripods, and ground blinds put you up close to the action.

No frills wild hog hunt: We limit our hunts to three hunters per day. Each hunter can harvest 1 hog each. Additional hogs are $75.00 each. The cost is $150.00 per day

Gratuities for the guides are not included in fees.

If you are interested in booking a hunt contact:

Kenneth Dudley
P.O. Box 1942
Dilley, Texas 78017

Mobile 830 965-2463
Evenings 830 378-5553

You will be required ou to execute a waiver of liability and indemnification upon your arrival.

Copies of indemnification agreement may be obtain upon request.