South Texas Brush Country
located on 5 miles of Leona River
Frio County, Texas

Please pick up your hulls! If you don't the cows will.

There are a lot of good places to dove hunt in Texas. The Berry Ranch located in Frio County offers some of the best dove hunting in the entire state.

What makes Frio County such a good place to hunt Morning and Whitewing Dove?

First, there are a lot of local doves in the area.

Second, Frio County is located in a natural flight zone for dove.

Last, dove like open cultivated fields with easy access to water, which we have plenty of.

We have standing fields of grain such as milo, giant sunflowers, and peanuts. We are located in the center of this farming community and are surrounded by other cultivated fields with the Leona and Frio Rivers flowing near by, not to mention our stock tanks brimming full of water after the recent heavy rains. This year looks more promissing that any prior year in recent memory.

If you are interested in booking a hunt contact:

Kenneth Dudley
Mobile 830 965-2463

You will be required ou to execute a waiver of liability and indemnification upon your arrival.

Copies of indemnification agreement may be obtain upon request.